acrylic and spray paint on margoum and klim, patchwork
390 x 400 centimetres

The work of Dora Dalila Cheffi unfolds through various mediums, including painting, video, and installations. Her pictorial practice is characterized by vibrant colors, a constant presence of female figures, and various objects organized in still life or serving as accessories to the depicted models. Her works resonate with observations and lived experiences that the artist translates into frontal pictorial compositions often featuring women engaged in everyday activities.

"Full Moon" consists of a set of klims and mergoums that the artist detailed and reassembled before painting the surface. Under a vibrant palette, the traditional patterns of these emblematic weavings from the country transparently emerge. This patchwork brings together both the textile pieces and the stories of the anonymous women who created them. In harmony with the regularity of the weaving and its material, the artist's contrasting touch structures the whole and outlines an imaginary setting in which two female figures appear. Through their faceless presence, they embody all those women rendered invisible behind the work but gain strength in sisterhood.

- Ludovic Delalande 

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